Why everyone needs a ‘We’re Glad You’re Our Neighbor’ Sign!

Why should it take a natural disaster to bring people together in a harmonious way? The answer is that it shouldn’t because ultimately it doesn’t matter if you’re an individual or a business, expressing gratitude is universally accepted as a good thing to do. And a very simple way of expressing that sentiment is in […]

The Next Wave Printing for Nation Coating Systems

The Next Wave designed and printed a set of business cards, a one-sheet, and a brochure for local business Nation Coating Systems.

The Next Wave Printing attends Flatstock 29

The Next Wave is inspired by the prints and rock posters that are showcased at Flatstock each year. We had a great time exploring the offerings of print makers from around the world. The work is truly inspiring, and it’s lucky that there is a place where the best and brightest in the rock poster […]